Case Studies

In its history, Aaronson Rappaport has handled the full gamut of automobile product liability cases. Below are links to profiles of a small number of notable cases:

Case Study 1: Sam Sero and his “transient signal theory” get tossed out of court

Case Study 2: Aaronson Rappaport takes on a frivolous litigant

Case Study 3: A decisive victory in a case of sudden acceleration of a motor vehicle

Case Study 4: A case with a potentially sustainable value of $20 million is settled for a nominal sum

Case Study 5: Aggressive legal tactics result in a case being dropped

Case Study 6: Aaronson Rappaport’s medical expertise provides a breakthrough in a case

Case Study 7: Aaronson Rappaport obtains a dismissal by advancing a novel legal theory

Case Study 8: Aaronson Rappaport defeats a $12.8-million defective seat belt claim

Case Study 9: A $30-million rollover claim defeated at trial