Aaronson Rappaport routinely and successfully defends individuals and companies within the construction industry in a variety of claims, including:

  • Personal Injury – Cases resulting from serious injuries that occur on construction sites.

  • Property Damage – Cases resulting from fire, flood and other catastrophes that occur on construction sites.

Our clients include a variety of entities within New York’s construction industry, such as property owners, property managers, development companies, construction companies, construction managers, general contractors and subcontractors, among others.


How We Are Different

Aaronson Rappaport distinguishes itself from competing law firms in the following ways:

  • Expertise – We have expertise in areas of the law most vital to the construction industry, including New York labor, contract and indemnity law.

  • Reputation – In New York courthouses, our attorneys have a reputation for aggressiveness, for professionalism and — most importantly — for winning cases. We leverage this reputation to convince the opposition that Aaronson Rappaport is fully capable and prepared to take even the most difficult cases to trial.

  • Medical Knowledge – Our background in medical malpractice litigation provides our attorneys with a unique base of medical knowledge. Their knowledge gives them an extremely valuable competitive edge, allowing them to challenge the plaintiff's medical rationale — and limit damages even when liability exists.

  • Appellate Experience – Aaronson Rappaport’s attorneys have significant experience with construction-related legal issues at both the trial and appellate levels.

  • Insurance Expertise – Our attorneys routinely advise our clients on the interpretation of insurance policies and contracts.  We also regularly prosecute and defend declaratory judgment actions when conflicts in policy provisions cannot be resolved through negotiation.


For more information about our Construction Litigation practice, please contact Nancy Steproe, Managing Partner