Toxic Tort Litigation

Aaronson Rappaport currently represents a major automobile manufacturer in over 1500 asbestos cases in the New York City area.

As a result of our aggressive approach, demonstrated willingness to proceed to trial and product knowledge, we have been able to resolve claims for amounts significantly lower than those paid prior to our handling these matters.

In addition, we represent approximately 80 contractors and sub-contractors, who removed debris from the World Trade Center site, in lawsuits brought by over 5000 uniformed city workers who have claimed various respiratory illnesses as a result of the environmental conditions existing at the debris removal site.

About Our Asbestos Work
Aaronson Rappaport’s work involves defending claims against automobile manufacturers which are brought by individuals who allege that they have contracted mesothelioma or lung cancer as a result of exposure to asbestos dust emanating from brake pads, transmission clutch pads or engine gaskets.

Using scientific data, including all published epidemiological studies, we have successfully shown that individuals who work closely with brake pads and other auto parts are not at increased risk for the development of asbestos-related illness. One explanation is that asbestos in brake pads is converted, through the thermal process of braking, into a non-fibrous material that does not cause or contribute to mesothelioma or lung cancer.

In defending these lawsuits, we have focused on discrediting exaggerated claims of exposure by interviewing and taking testimony of former employers and co-workers. Additionally, we have been successful in establishing the likelihood that any disease that exists was caused by exposure to more “traditional” sources of asbestos.


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