Litigation Strategies

Aaronson Rappaport employs a set of carefully developed strategies that enable us to achieve practical, sustainable and economical results. The firm:

Leverages Its Reputation – Our trial partners have a stellar reputation within New York State courtrooms. We leverage the power of this reputation to convince clients, adversaries, and the court that we have the knowledge, confidence and ability to defend any claim to verdict.

Possesses Local Expertise – The firm’s trial partners generally appear in court in only one or two counties. As a result, they are well known by the Judiciary there and sensitive to the culture of the court and jurors in that county. This local expertise provides a valuable advantage in New York State, where the makeup of a jury can vary dramatically from county to county.

Uses Small Teams – A small team of lawyers follows each case from beginning to end. This method is much more effective and strategically sound than the “assembly line” approach often favored by other defense firms.

Assigns Cases Effectively – Each case is evaluated based on exposure, complexity and the caliber of the opposition. Cases are then assigned to a trial partner whose expertise and experience is most appropriate to the case at hand.

Relies on Hands-on Leadership – Aaronson Rappaport’s senior trial partners are intimately involved in the firm’s cases on a day-to-day basis and appear in court regularly.

Minimizes Disbursement Charges – Aaronson Rappaport bills out disbursements (e.g., computerized legal research and photocopies) at cost. The firm does not use disbursements as a hidden profit center.